Hi everyone,

I am Ruilin Li. You can call me Crystal. I am from Zhengzhou, China. It is the capital and largest city of Henan province in the central part of China. There are many famous places of interest in my hometown, such as Shaolin Temple. It is also the birthplace of Chinese Kung Fu. If you have chance to go traveling to China, welcome to my hometown!

I currently live in Victoria. This is my third year studying in Uvic and my major is Economics. For me, I feel very interested in my major and I think it will be very useful and helpful for my future work as well. I haven’t made any specific plans about my future work after graduation yet, but I hope to find a job in relation to my major. I love watching movies, traveling, and swimming. When I was free, I also like going hiking with my friends. I think hiking is one of the best ways for me to relax myself. Personally, I really like participating in online courses and it is not my first time taking it. One of my favorite online learning websites is called EdX. I had used this online platform for several years and I like to explore some courses in relation to personal development. Finally, I feel very excited to take this course and learn with you.